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Bill Tracy's Video Production "Homeless Hero"  


Bill Tracy At The House Of Blues


Bills Country


Bill Tracy with The Smokehouse Band



Bill Tracy Blues Duo

Song Clips:

Heart Of A Woman
1. Doc's Blues 2. 40 Days 3. Capital Offence 4. Rock Me
5. Heart Of A Woman 6. Move Out To The Country 7. It's Dark Outside
8. Bluesin' My Mind 9. I Dont Need You 10. Bill's Late Blues
11. Good Whiskey


1996: Long Way From Paradise
B Creveling, B Pappapetru

Songs: Hell Or High Water  (B Creveling)
L.A. Goodby   (B Creveling)
Homeless Hero  (B Pappapetru)
 Ain’t That The Way  (B Creveling)
Restless Heart  (B Creveling)

1999: Lite’s of Home
Bill Pappapetru  (Chirp Records)

Song’s:  Hold On To Your Dreams  (B Pappapetru)
Freeway Flyer  (B Creveling, B Pappapetru)
That Car  (B Pappapetru)
Cadillac Heaven  (B Creveling, B Pappapetru)
Lite’s of Home  (J Stevenson)
Dog Daze  (J Moren, N Pappapteru, B Pappapetru)
More Of  Billy's Blues (J Moren, B Pappapetru)
Will You See The Light  (B Pappapetru)
It’s Been a Life  (J Moren, B Pappapetru)


      2001: Another Glorious Saturday Night
Bill Pappapetru (Chirp Records)

Song’s: Another Glorious Saturday Night (J Moren, B Pappapetru, M Gatti)
Bluesin’ My Mind (J Moren, B Pappapetru)
Letter From Marianne  (J Moren, B Pappapetru)
Mercedes Dreams  (B Creveling)
Warm Memphis Night  (J Moren, B Pappapetru)
Showdown  (B Creveling, B Pappapetru)
Gramdpa’s Song  (J Moren, B Pappapetru)
Heart of the City  (J Moren, B Pappapetru)
King of the Honky Tonk  (J Moren, B Pappapetru)
Feelin’ Good Like This  (J Moren, B Pappapetru)
Song of Life  (J Moren, B Pappapetru)
Duck’s  (B Pappapetru)
Thaiwonon  (B Pappapetru)
Saturday Again  (J Moren, B Pappapetru M Gatti)


2005: Lickin' The Quits
#5 Film Company Production

Music Score: B. Tracy, J. Myers


2009: Homeless Hero
Bill Tracy (billtracymusic.com)

Songs: Homeless Hero (B. Tracy)
Liberty Or Gass (B. Tracy)
Letter From Marrianne (B. Tracy, Jack Moren)
Ducks (Bill Tracy)


2010: Heart Of A Woman
Bill Tracy (billtracymusic.com)

Songs: Doc's Blues (B. Tracy, F. Turner, M. Longwell)
40 Days (B. Tracy)
Capital Offence (B. Tracy, J. Moren)
Rock Me (B. Tracy)
Heart Of A Woman (B. Tracy)
Move Out To The Country (B. Tracy)
It's Dark outsice (B. Tracy, A. Spain, M. Longwell)
Bluesin' My Mind (B. Tracy, J. Moren)
I Dont Need you (B. Tracy)
Bill's Late Blues (B. Tracy)
Good Whiskey (B. Tracy, F. Turner, M. Longwell)