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I have the CD, (Heart Of A Woman), listen to it all the time. I have it for sale in my shop as well. For all those people who need to know what's in the "HEART OF A WOMAN"--- Every time I play it in my shop, the customers ask: "who is this guy, where can I get the CD"?

Patrice C.


Bill, I have your CD, (Heart Of A Woman), and listen to it often. Your music is straight fron the heart and you deliver it with conviction. It's from deep within your soul and I can feel your pain. That is what great blues music should do. So if anyone reads this and you don't have this CD, you need to get it!

Rhonda E.

P.S. I wanted to say that your music is very sensual, but I thought I'd better not. LOL


I listened to your CD, "Heart Of A Woman", and was very impressed by the intense feeling that was conveyed through your vocal stylings. Good blues is hard to find and I think you have found it. Your music is laudable!

Janie S.


The Blues is an art form born in many parts of our country. This CD captures ALL of them...from Memphis Blues to Chicago Blues to St.Lewis and New Orleans Blues and all can be heard here! For the Blues aficionado, this CD is a MUST HAVE for any Blues collection.

Michael W.